Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flower Shop

Flower Shop

Don't be afraid to blow out the highlights!

I rarely doubt my exposure when I shoot film. With digital, however, you get to review the picture, so you know right away if it looks too dark or too light. You can even look at a histogram (a graph that shows tonal distribution) to be sure the photo is properly exposed. My camera also has a highlight feature that makes blown out areas blink.

I am still learning to read the little screen on the back of the camera in terms of being able to correlate what I see there to what the picture would look like on a computer monitor. When I took this picture and it came up on the little screen, the shoulder area was blinking, indicating overexposure and loss of detail. I upped my shutter speed to make the blinking go away, but the result was too dark. I like the original, and come to think of it, it makes sense that the highlights should be blown. The difference in brightness is too great.

I will try to ignore the blinking from now on.

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